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Stocks and Stars

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This is Astrosevak's featured consultation developed by Mr. Abishek our Co-Founder. We forecast trend's in equity, bond and gold markets and suggest favourable time periods to invest money for better returns. This consultation is taken by HNI's, Investor's, Retailer's. Check details for more information.

Free feel to call for any queries. Check our Past Articles published and credentials below.

Fees - Rs. 15,000 for 1 year subscription.


Disclaimer - You can use astrology as a tool for making your decisions. Our empirical research shows market can be timed at broader level and stock specific with reasonable accuracy. This consultation will help to minimize loss and make profits. Retail investors are advised to use astrology only if they have knowledge of the asset class they directly trade, else they can handover astrology report to their advisor or investor. Due to lack of research and change of index weightage in sectors stock specific research are limited. This is not a full proof method and you are at own risk to earn/loose your hard earned money.

  1. Stocks and Stars is our consultation  designed with respect to forecasting market trends in stocks, Nifty, Dow Jones, Gold and Debt market. This is based on empirical research on last 100+ years of  data and looking after horoscopes of HNI's and traders in market.

  2. Most important factor to succeed in markets is to have astrological combination's which will be checked at first place. Person can only make money weather it is cash/futures/long term etc. with respect to his Kaal Chakra and planetary movements which creates positive mindset to stick to that decision with respect to that particular days panchang. Even on daily basis money can be made but with certain conditions.

  3. First we will discuss about your possibility of earning through markets and then classification into trading, positional trades, futures& options, long term investments and favorable sectors. Based on your background a detailed discussion will be done and then consultation will be given.

  4. With relative study of market trends and planetary transits and your horoscope's co-relation, coming period will seen and prediction will be given. Short windows of 15-20 minutes for multiple days and broader trends for 3-4 days will be suggested for investments. Our research shows investments in this time has given no losses at least and maximized gains. Specific stock names and sectors are also shared at regular intervals.

  5. HNI and investors can call us before for customizable solutions. We give free trail of 15 days.


Customer Reviews

95% of client's recommended us


90% of client repeat's consultation

We are rated 4.5/5 by our customers via Gmail

All feedbacks are 100% verified and authentic. We look for long term relation with our clientele.

"Astrosevak has excellent team. I took consultation from  Mr. Abhishek  who is very polite and have good command on astrology. He always verifies the janamkundli first with some questions, then only he gives prediction.  His astro remedies have helped a lot my family members. I strongly recommend others to take help from Astrosevak. It is very genuine platform of astrology".

Deepak Soni

"I have talked to many astrologers but Astrosevak is the best among all. His predictions are very specific and timely unlike other astrologers who give vague predictions. His honesty and confidence in the prediction brings a lot of confidence in the person who ask for it. I would definitely recommend him for anyone in need."

Arun Saxena

"Looking forward fr ur guidance always keep updating us with well being tips .. Thank you so much."

Linika Sharma

"He has listened to my problem patiently and cleared my doubts. He is non judgement and good at his skill. He doesn't sugarcoat his words to make money and advice unnecessary remedies. He is genuine. I would recommend him to others."

Sangeeta Manav

"I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but things were said and discussed. Abhishek was too good. All I can say is very polite humble and professional. Will. Definitely recommend him."

Palwinder Singh

Appreciate the accuracy of the predictions. Worth taking recommendation.

Simran Oberoi

"I’ve had a very accurate reading session. I was at complete ease. I would definitely recommend the reading."

Pooja Gangwani

"It is always great to talk to have a horoscope read through astrosevak. I got clarity in various aspects of life. Would highly recommend to anyone overthinking about minute day to day problems and worries."

Rupinder Kaur

"The reading was really insightful and everything was on point and true. Mr. Abhishek was really patient and explained everything in detail. I appreciate his valuable time and knowledge and I extend my sincere regards to him."

Devdeep Saha

"Its my great pleasure to recommend Astrosevak. I first came to know him through a friend of mine. he is very humble person. He clearly has enormous knowledge and skills to predict the future. His predictions are so accurate and he is blessed with vast wisdom and emence almighty power from the God. His remedies also worked very well and it changed my life completely . I am very satisfies to know certain things about myself very clearly helping me to take my future steps, accordingly ."

Nidhi Choudhary

"I really admire Astrosevak for such wonderful service at such affordable price. Report was quite detailed & the predictions were quite accurate. Follow up queries are also addressed very satisfactorily. Overall experience was a delight."


"Honest and clear 👌, I am satisfied with the telephonic consultation."


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